Wednesday, July 29, 2009

90210 Season 1 Episode 5

90210 Season 1 Episode 5 - Wide Awake and Dreaming

The opening of the play "Spring Awakening" is coming to a near. Annie and Ty have been spending a lot of time together and Ty tells Annie about his plans for an after party in his hotel room. Harry catches Ty and Annie making out backstage. He and Debbie later begin discussing their feelings towards the relationship between Ty and Debbie. Silver is overwhelmed with her job as a stage manager and so Dixon begins to help her.

Naomi continues to struggle to accept that her parents are going through a divorce and she is trying fervently to get them back together. Brenda, Kelly and Ryan confront Adrianna about her obvious substance abuse problem. This gives Annie the lead role in the play.

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