Wednesday, July 29, 2009

90210 Season 1 Episode 9

90210 Season 1 Episode 9 - Secrets and Lies

Debbie and Harry finally inform Annie and Dixon about Harry's son that was given up for adoption 22 years ago. This shocking information doesn't seem to surpise Dixon while Annie releases her frustation with the predicament with Naomi as they are having a sleepover with Sivler and Adrianna. The sleepover starts off innocent and quickly goes in the opposite direction as a party ensues and guys come over along with drinking games.

Meanwhile, Annie and Ethan hide their relationship from their friends while Dixon opens up to Silver about some family issues that have been bothering him. Adrianna and Navid get closer together until he misunderstands what her intentions were. Now that Ryan is in on Kimberly's secret, the two no longer have any control over each other's desire for one another. They get caught by a student observing their actions.

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