Wednesday, July 29, 2009

90210 Season 1 Episode 8

90210 Season 1 Episode 8 - There is No Place Like Homecoming

Annie has to study for her drivers test and work out a plan with Ethan so that they can both be at the homecoming dance without making it an official date. Adrianna finally admits that she has a drug problem. This finally clears Naomi's name and she checks into rehab to help her overcome her addiction. Adrianna finds Navid to help her when everyone else has turned away and he is determined to help her with her pain.

At the dance Ryan catches Kimberly buying drugs from a student. However, more suprised than this was when he discovered that she was an undercover cop. After a conversation with Tabitha, Debbie confronts Tracy about the behavior that she ensued upon Harry. Despite Silver's root canal pain, she and Dixxon dance for the rest of the night having really touching moments.

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